Advantages of bamboo

SUSTAINABILITY_ Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Unlike tree forests, bamboo forests do not require replanting and the material is ready for harvest in 5-6 years, so the performance of a bamboo forest becomes 20 times bigger than any other. It is a sustainable, renewable resource that multiplies itself by the vegetative spreading of roots.

RESISTANCE AND STABILITY_ Bamboo has been used for a long time as an alternative to traditional tropical hardwood because of its hardness and resistance, thus its name of “vegetable steel”. It is also a very stable material under high relative humidity conditions and temperature changes, so it is better than other timber in bathrooms and kitchens.

DESIGN_ There is a large range of bamboo flooring and bamboo panels to be used in design interior spaces. Its aesthetic qualities and its caramelized colour make bamboo an ideal material to combine with others in walls, ceilings, furniture, creating warm and very pleasant spaces.

QUALITY AT COMPETITIVE PRICES_ GUBIA Group has imported bamboo products for a long time because of the growing demand for sustainable materials. We have a consolidated infrastructure in Shanghai that allows us to guarantee the quality of our bamboo products at competitive prices in the market.